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Lejeune Skin & Body Care Austin, TX

Lejeune Facials, waxing, massage & body care services Round rock & Austin

Spa Packages

Austin’s Hottest Spa Packages!

Ultimate Spa Experience:

The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation session that will smooth rough skin to a youthful glow, a warm soothing wrap infused with aromatherapy oils follows along with a relaxing custom facial.

180 minutes:


Gentlemen’s Spa Package:

Quick Vacation. A parafin hand treatment with warmed mitts begins a treatment that includes a facial, thirty minutes Swedish massage and an intensive foot treatment. Leave the spa a totally renewed beast.

75 minutes:


Lejeune Signature Body Treatment Package:

Try this decadently rich exfoliation combination to enliven and renew the skin while allowing the natural hydrating qualities of sugar to soften and moisturize. This exfoliation session is followed by warm steam towels and a fifty minute full body Swedish massage.

100 minutes:


Dream Land Body Package:

This treatment includes a luxurious full body aroma therapy massage, an aroma infused steam treatment that comfortably warms and relaxes all the muscles in the body, and a gentle scalp massage that will lull you into a dream land of quiet, peace, and renewal. Promotes deep relaxation, releases stress using aroma therapy massage and herbal steam therapy to relax all the muscles. The herbal mixture in the steam has calming effects on nerves.

60 minutes


Half-day Spa Experience:

Thirty minute Swedish Massage & a custom facial with an eye and scalp treatment.

90 minutes: