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Lejeune Skin & Body Care Austin, TX

Lejeune Facials, waxing, massage & body care services Round rock & Austin
Lejeune Facials, waxing, massage & body care services Round rock & Austin


Waxing remains is one of the most popular forms of hair removal! At Lejeune Skin & Body Care, we use high quality wax imported from Europe. Soft and hard resins facilitates easy removal of the hair root and desensitizes the follicle – making the service well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. Waxing is performed diligently & hygienically by experienced estheticians. We recommended waxing on a 4-6 week basis. Over time, re-growth will become softer and lighter. *See restriction below.

Facial Waxing & Enhancements

Brows: $22

Lip: $15

Chin: $15

Face: $45

Brow & Lip: $30

Brow & Chin: $30

Brow, Lip & Chin: $45

Brow, Lash Tint & Wax: $70

Brow Tint: $25


Half Leg: $45

Full Leg: $75

Underarm: $25

Full Arm: $40

Half Arm: $25

Female Bikini: $50

Full Leg & Bikini: $90

Back: $50+

Female Full Brazilian Wax : $69


The age-old question: Waxing vs. Shaving. Consider waxing because it actually lasts much longer than shaving, it pulls the hairs from the root – no stubble and your skin is so smooth! It is very important to avoid shaving between waxing appointments. Shaving will stimulate hair growth again. With waxing you will not have cuts and nicks that often come with shaving. Also, with regular waxing your new hair can become finer and grow slower!
Most areas on the body can be waxed, as long as the hair will allow. Such as the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, arms, back, chest, stomach, legs, and the bikini area.
To ensure a pleasant experience, be sure you have at least 1/4 – ½ inch (about the length of a grain of rice) of hair growth. That’s about two weeks worth after shaving and exfoliating with gloves or loofah 48 hours before can also help facilitate wonderful results! If it’s your first time please let us know so we may walk through each step together during your visit.
The aim of a Waxing Appointment is to make sure that your skin suffers as little discomfort and irritation while getting rid of hair, which will result in smoother looking results. This can be achieved by not exercising for 24 hours after waxings or showering with hot water sources. The average person experiences some redness followed however this should subside within 1-3 days depending on severity; most people also find it best not expose themselves indefinitely outdoors either until the irritation subsitdes.

This depends on what you are getting waxed, and how much hair is present. An appointment can take from about 15-20 minutes (eye brows) to an hour or more (several areas).

Will waxing hurt? The short answer is yes, it can sometimes cause a stingy feeling. However discomfort varies from person to person and typically subsides with each treatment as you become more tolerant of the process and the hair grows back less with each session.
Hair grows at different speeds and in various types so depending on how fast or slow your hairs growing can affect when you should remove them again. For most people this means getting waxing every 4-6 weeks –
The answer to this question depends on many factors including and their genetics, but typically, waxing can provide you with smoother skin for 4-6 weeks after your treatment – which is much longer than shaving that might only give rise in a few days!.
Exfoliate alternating with a loofah, a scrub and/or exfoliating gloves. If you are more prone to ingrown hairs, also use a topical exfoliant.
This is actually a myth. The hair grows back much slower, finer, and more sparse than before.